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Advanced Computer Science R&D for Hire

Chatham specializes in advanced research and development in user-facing technologies. Our team members have published hundreds of academic papers, have been issued hundreds of patents, and have dozens of examples of successful tech transfer into products made by Apple, Autodesk, Google, Intel, HP, Dell, Acer, Asus, Microsoft, and more - shipped in quantities over a billion.

Chatham possesses a unique mix of deep scientific knowledge of human capabilities and needs, drawn from our experiences in academia at universities such as U of T, Harvard, CMU, Waterloo, Stanford, Washington, and Cornell. Our team has an insatiable curiosity and takes pride in developing new software and hardware technologies to leverage our collective capabilities and meet those needs in the forms of products that ship and help real people.

Our methods have been applied to develop technologies in virtual and augmented reality, gesture recognition systems, projected systems, software architectures, mobile and desktop operating systems, and development platforms.

You’ve Got the Hardware; Now What?

Chatham team members engage with companies that have developed or are targeting a new hardware platform that offers a promise of forever changing the way humans and machines interact; augmented reality headsets, folding screens, body sensing clothing, gesture detection systems, and much more. We specialize in helping them to take the next step: to craft a product and a platform to deliver on that promise by creating an ecosystem of developers, partners, and end-users. We define user experiences, build software systems to enable those experiences using tools such as machine learning, computer vision, and HCI, and define software tools and developer experiences to enable the best of the product to be enabled across the ecosystem.

Why an Outside Firm?

Many of Chatham’s clients have thousands of researchers and engineers working in research centres around the world. Chatham specializes in getting the very best of its client’s research out of the lab and into real products, filling-in the missing pieces of a complete user experience, a platform to enable that experience, and a developer experience which allows first and third party engineers to build applications. Our team is passionate about realizing cutting-edge research in products used by millions of people and helping our clients realize their product and user acquisition goals.

Why a Focus on Research?

Chatham team members are passionate about helping our clients, and are best enabled to do that with broad knowledge of the field. In addition to client work, Chatham researchers also carry–out their own research programs, in collaboration with graduate student interns, post docs, and faculty from around the world. Not only do we employ the very best in the field, but we also have a broad network of partners whose expertise may also be employed to help us solve client needs.

Building Intellectual Property Portfolios

As the Chatham team invents unique solutions for a client, we can also optionally consult on the development of a broader intellectual property portfolio to ensure its protection. Our team has experience in IP portfolio strategy, in developing individual patents, and in working with prosecuting attorneys to craft highly effective patents. Our team members also have significant patent litigation experience, allowing us to build a portfolio which not only protects your technology, but also provides a diversified set of patents and other tools to ensure our clients can continue to practice in a crowded field.